BI'17 Panel on International and China Brain Projects and AI Strategies

Nov 17, 10:45-12:15

Panel Chairs:

Ning Zhong, Maebashi Institute of Technology/Beijing University of Technology
Hanchuan Peng, Allen Institute for Brain Science


- From AI Background:
Frank van Harmelen, Free University Amsterdam
Guoyin Wang, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Bo Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University

- From Brain Science Background:
Yong He, Beijing Normal University
Guoming Luan, Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital
Yuejia Luo, Shenzhen University
Alan Evans, McGill University

Issues to Be Discussed
Both Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming big science with big data and big innovation potential. It is a trend to interplay between Brain Science and AI studies, which is a big challenge with big opportunity. An attempt of this panel is to promote such interdisciplinary studies and global collaborations by overviewing international and China brain projects and AI strategies, and discussing related key issues and challenging topics. The key questions to be discussed include:
  • How to interplay between Brain Science and AI studies?
  • How Brain Science inspires AI?
  • How AI technology supports brain studies?

  • What are the major EU based AI & Brain Science projects?
  • What are the major AI & Brain Science projects in US?
  • What are the major brain projects and AI strategy in China?
  • How to link international and China Brain Science and AI related projects?
This panel provides a good opportunity for researchers and practitioners from diverse fields to participate in cutting-edge discussions.

Background: Related Panels at Past BI Conferences
  1. Brain Informatics and Health (BIH'16) and Web Intelligence (WI'16) Joint Panel on Connecting Network and Brain with Big Data

    12:20-14:00, October 14, 2016, Hilton Omaha, USA

    Panel Chairs:
    Yong Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and
    Ning Zhong (Maebashi Institute of Technology)

    Giorgio Ascoli, George Mason University (Brain Science)
    Butler Lampson, Microsoft & MIT (CS & IT)
    Hanchuan Peng, Allen Institute for Brain Science (Brain Science)
    Vijay Raghavan, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (AI & Data Mining)
    Ivan Soltesz, Stanford University (Brain Science)
    Leslie Valiant, Harvard University (AI and Machine Learning)

  2. Brain and Health Informatics'13 Panel on Brain Big Data in the Hyper World
    15:30-17:30, Oct 30, 2013, Maebashi Japan

    Panel Chair:
    Stephen S. Yau, Arizona State University

    Shinsuke Shimojo, "Perception and Cognition",
    California Institute of Technology
    Marcel Just, "fMRI Studies of Human Thought",
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Bin Hu, "Mental Health & Ubiquitous EEG",
    Lanzhou University, China
    Guoyin Wang, "Cognitive, Granular, & Cloud Models",
    Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Jianhua Ma, "Hyber-world & Cyber-I",
    Hosei University, Japan
    Kazuhiro Oiwa, "Heart-to-Heart Science",
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology,
    Yuichiro Anzai, "Cognitive and Information Sciences",
    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

    N. Zhong, S.S. Yau, J. Ma, S. Shimojo, M. Just, B. Hu, G. Wang, K. Oiwa, and Y. Anzai. Brain Informatics-Based Big Data and the Wisdom Web of Things. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2015, 30(5): 2-7.